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Silk and Leather

Narova Black and White



I decided to give Astrid a bit of a show.

Slowly, I started unwinding the bolts of silk, starting at my neck and moving down. Revealing my left shoulder, then my right. Twisting my body around a bit as I pushed some silk down so she could see both my tits real well in the firelight.

Then a put a shudder through my tattoos—made them move the way a storm does across some peaceful lake.

Astrid has snowy-gray eyes, and they liked what they saw.

I let those bolts of silk fall to the floor, and then started unwinding the ones around my hips and thighs. I hummed a little and did a sexy dance—keeping my eyes fixed on hers as I got closer and closer to naked.

To be honest, I was kind of expecting Astrid to be a boring fuck. She seemed too angry at the world to be any fun. But right about the time my pussy was coming into view, she surprised me by pulling down her own leather pants and running a hand between her legs.

She made a purring kind of sound that got me really hot. There was already some dampness running down my leg by the time I got the rest of my silk off.

I put a hand between my thighs, pushing two fingers inside and enjoying the little jolt of pleasure. Then I put the same fingers into my mouth and licked them.

Astrid sucked in a breath.

“You like that?” I asked.

She just nodded, rubbing her own pussy a little fast than before.

I got down on my hands and knees—spreading out my palms on the pile of black silk below me. “Then you’ll love this.”

I crawled over to her slowly. Slunk forward until I was right between her legs. Then I opened my mouth and closed my eyes.

If she wanted to slit my throat in that moment, she probably could have. But the way I figured, I wasn’t going to last long if Astrid really wanted me in the ground. Might as well die naked and turned on, right?

But I didn’t get a length of steel across my throat. I got two of her fingers in my mouth, which I sucked on gently, letting my tongue roll along the bottom. Astrid tasted like a sweat and leather and rage.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her. Saw the conflict boiling up inside of her.

Easy way to fix that.

I moved forward a little more and put my face in her pussy.

The hair between her thighs was golden and silky smooth, which I liked. But I liked the size of her clit a lot more. It was big and swollen, so after lapping at her pussy a little I started sucking on her clit greedily, which got a whole series of shudders from the Leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” she moaned, running both hands through my raven-black hair.

I massaged her thighs as I licked her pussy (I would have rubbed her tits, but she still had that armor on). Then I decided to experiment.

I activated my smallest tattoo—a red-winged black bird—just a little. Enough to make its wings flutter. Then I let the pressure slip out of my tongue.

Astrid arched her back, dug her nails into my hair, and came in seven or eight powerful waves. I stuck my tongue as far inside of her as I could get, feeling the pressure of her pussy contracting around it.

I love that feeling.

She let go of my hair and took a few heavy breaths. I moved back a few feet and sat on my knees, watching her and pulling at my left nipple a little—letting it send tiny shocks of pleasure through my body.

“See, aren’t things more fun when we get along?” I asked.

Astrid caught her breath and reached around behind her, slowly unstrapping her armor. She pulled off her breastplate and the black tunic underneath. Then stood up.

She had great tits. Bigger than mine and shaped like two perfect tear drops. Light pink nipples and big areolas—which I have a pretty serious thing for. There was a scar above her left breast that looked suspiciously like someone had tried to stab her in the heart and missed.

“How do you like it?” Astrid asked.

I smiled. Turned around and bent over on all fours so my ass was up in the air, facing her.

“Wet,” I purred. “And dirty.”

The sound of Astrid getting down on her knees behind me was almost enough to make me cum right there. But I held out.

Waited until I could feel her breath against my pussy. Her hands squeezing down hard on my ass.

She pressed her tongue hard against my clit, and then moved along my pussy and into my ass—pushing deep inside of me.

I gasped and arched my back.

She stopped for a moment. “Dirty like that?”

“Mhmmm,” I moaned.

She went back to work. Rubbing my clit with one finger and licking my ass. When Arnbjorn did it, I got off to simple fury of his desire. But Astrid was delicate and precise and careful with the entire thing, as if my orgasm was a thing she had to coax into life.

There are some things that only women understand.

I grabbed two fistfuls of that 10,000 Septim carpet and felt my tattoos start to activate.

“I’m gonna cum,” I gasped. “I gonna cum.”

Astrid put her tongue inside my pussy and rubbed my clit slow and hard. It felt…perfect.

I came long and hard. Some of my tattoos got released and I put a big crack in the floor that split when it hit the wall. Looked kind of like a tree.

I twisted around so I was on my back and Astrid crawled on top of me. Kissed me.

I kissed back. Rubbed her tits and put my hand between her legs again. She was soaking wet.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“You know how it felt.”

She pulled my fingers out of her and sucked on them. “Can’t stop now, can we?”

“No,” I said. “We can’t.”


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