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As Evil As Akavarin

Danica Pure Spring


It takes me three seconds to get my other spear from behind the dead man. But when I turn around Narova is burning off across the Plains of Whiterun at an impossible speed. Each footfall sears a blackened shape into the grass. A puff of smoke rising behind. In another three seconds she is over the crest of a hill and down into some valley. Out of sight.

There’s no point chasing something like that. Especially since she’s literally burning a trail into the earth behind her.

I walk over and crouch next to Asriel. It seems very much like he’s going to die soon.

For the first time since I met him, he is actually absorbed by the current situation. Big, fear-filled eyes trying to get a better look at the wound. Ragged breath. His cloak of indifference stolen away by Narova Black Hair’s sword.

Seems the end of his life is the only thing capable of making him take an interest in it.

“The liver?” he asks, voice just above a whisper.

I look down at the blackened, oily blood pooling around him.


He lets his head fall back. Giving up on getting a better look. Swallows hard and then opens and closes his mouth dryly. Like a man dying of thirst in a desert.

“To die like this…most unexpected,” he says.

I glance up at the distant, shaggy shape of Whiterun on the horizon. Too far for him to walk. Not too far for me to carry him, maybe. Find a healer who can rebuild the hole in his liver.

But I don’t feel a particularly strong inclination to do that.

“You can turn the gears of someone’s mind any direction you want, but not heal yourself?” I ask.

He snorts. A little bit of blood trickling from his mouth. “You don’t know any magic, do you?”

I shake my head.

“Too bad. Let’s just say livers and minds aren’t quite the same. Leave it at that.” He swallows again. “Will you carry me?”

“Can’t you make me?”

“I’ve been trying to since you squatted beside me. Seems my Charms are lost on you.” He smiles again. Teeth ringed with blood.

I stand up to leave.

“Don’t you wonder why she didn’t use any magic?” Asriel asks. “I am quite confident she knows some.”

I look down at him, but say nothing.

“As long as I live,” he continues, “it’ll stay that way. I am very thorough with my spells. But if I die…she’ll have quite a bit more to throw at you.”

It’s a difficult choice. The Hist only knows how far she’ll be able to get in the time it takes me so save this mysterious Dunmer’s life. But Narova Black Hair did an extremely memorable amount of damage the first time we fought.

And that was before she picked up the boiling blood.

I sigh. Then I plug Asriel’s wound with a handful of Hanging Moss I keep for emergencies. Heave him over my shoulder and head to Whiterun.

He’s grayer than I’d have ever thought possible by the time I kick in Danica Pure-Spring’s door. Put a spear to her throat and make her get to work. But the Nord woman keeps a cool head and dumps a powerful amount of magic into Asriel’s body. Chanting. Humming. Like that.

The Dunmer pulls through.

“He must rest,” Danica says. “The liver is rebuilt, but still fragile. The membrane could rupture at the slightest movement. A sneeze is enough to kill him.”

“A sneeze?” I ask. “The man got stabbed fifteen miles from here. I carried him on my back.”

Danica just shrugs.

“Leave us,” I say. “Tell no one of this or I’ll come back and murder everyone in your temple. You last.”

She closes the door, shaking her head sadly the entire time. I sit down next to Asriel’s bed. Spear in one hand, pack of fresh supplies at my feet.

“Something tells me you managed to work a bit of magic on me after all,” I say.

“Persuasion and magic aren’t the same thing. You made the right decision—the block on Narova’s Illusion and Alternation will hold. She’ll be far easier to kill now. And it’s quite important that she dies, Kreeves.”

I frown. “What’s your stake in this? Sujava’s debt wouldn’t have carried you this far.”

“Do you really care? You’ll try to put her in the ground either way. I could be as evil as Akavarin. Wouldn’t stop you.”


“Go, then.”

It’s almost dark as I leave Whiterun. Steal a horse from the stable and head back the way I came to kill Narova Black Hair.

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