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Keep on Reaching

Narova Face

My elven form came rushing back to me while I was heaving on that fucking orb with the other Falmer. It felt like my entire body took a shit all at once. Stomach turned over, skin got all soft and mushy. Bones felt like they’d turned to troll fat and dropped down to my fucking feet.

I let go of my rope and waddled over the grave-pit I’d picked out two days earlier. My legs hardly worked at all. But somehow I made it, crumpled into the pit and started convulsing.

If losing my eyes was painful, regrowing them again was sheer agony.

They came back like two burning blisters. It felt like they were being seared into my skin with some great, hot brand. And then my blue, silvery Falmer vision slowly melted down. Colors returned, but everything was dim and twisted with shadows.

The bones were the worst. Bending and popping beneath my skin, working their way back into their elven frame. My Falmer hunch straightened out, my claws drew back into my fingers. It felt like giant was using me as his personal fuck stick.

After a time—minutes or hours, who knows—the Bosmer inside of me grew back from all that pain and anguish. And she was ready to kill.

Morlanus had told me that the poison needed to get inside of the necromancers’ bloodstream in order to work. That had seemed like no hard thing when the words came out of the alchemist’s mouth, but now I wasn’t so sure. Those dark bastards wouldn’t be so easy to ambush.

But it was far too late to back out.

I picked up my sack of belongings—which had been thrown aside sometime during my transformation—and unwrapped the cloth. The small vial of poison had been cracked, but none had escaped, thankfully. I had left my armor miles above when I’d drunk the Falmer potion, so the only clothing I had was the itchy loincloth I’d picked up somewhere along the way. It did more harm than good, so I yanked it off and let the cool, damp air of the cave envelope my skin.

These wouldn’t be the first two men I’d killed naked. Probably not the last, either.

I cut up the cord of hemp rope I’d been using to carry the sack and lashed all of my daggers to different parts of my body. One on each ankle. Another on my left wrist. And the last one I twisted around in my hair so the sheath and handle were barely visible.

Then I walked over to the pile of Falmer bones that were crumpled into the back of the cave and picked out the thigh bone. It hadn’t quite finished decomposing, so I had to pick a little bit of green, rotten skin off of it. I used Garland the Green’s sword to slice two needles from the bone, each one about two finger-lengths long. It was easy to sharpen them with the blade and then wrap the last of my rope around the base for balance.

Then, as carefully as I could, I dipped both of them into the poison Morlanus made for me, picked up my sword, and cast invisibility on myself.

The comforting, familiar shroud of nothingness fell down around me, and I slowly picked my way out of the pit.

All of the attention was on the Orb. Two dozen Falmer pulled on it with more ropes, and the two Necromancers watched from the raised platform—their backs to me.


I stalked forward on the balls of my feet—a silent shadow. Even if my footsteps hadn’t been muffled with magic, nobody could have heard me over the sound of the Falmers’ labor and the steady vibration of the orb. I still felt it, although not as strongly as I had while I was one of them—the steady waves of its internal mechanisms rolling over in my mind.

I moved the bone needles to the same hand as my sword and carefully climbed up one of the wooden pillars that led to the raised platform. As I got closer, I could hear the necromancers’ voices.

“They have almost found us,” Mordred said softly. He said each word with a strange kind of precision. Almost as if he was afraid of breaking them. “Are you sure I should not go above and delay them?”

“Unnecessary,” the other one responded. His voice sounded ragged and old, barely human. Like two scraps of paper being rubbed together. “The Orb is almost in place. Once we have it on the pillar, they’ll be no way to reverse the process.”

“As you wish,” Mordred responded.

I knew I’d have to get them both at once. Even a split second delay would be enough for them to burn out my soul and turn me into…whatever it was they’d done to all of these Falmer.

Breathe, I told myself. Nice and steady, like they’re just two mudcras camped out in pool.

I put the bone needles back in my right hand, pulled them across my body, and threw them.

They moved silently through the air, straight and true.

I hit Mordred in the left arm and his Master in the back of the neck. They both whipped around at the same time as my invisibility melted away, revealing my naked body covered in a sheen of sweat and wrapped with weapons.

The look on their faces when they tried to reach out and grab their dark power—and instead found nothing but damp cave air that reeked of Falmer shit and mushrooms—was something I’ll never forget. I bet the only other way to get the same reaction from them would have been to sneak around and stick my finger up their asses.

I drew my sword. “Keep on reaching for it,” I said. “I’ll kill you both with that stupid look on your faces.”

“End her life,” the Master growled.


7 comments on “Keep on Reaching

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  3. Elspeth Aurilie
    September 26, 2013

    I cannot believe how long it’s been. I have missed this story so much.

    Excellent chapter. I loved this line:

    I drew my sword. “Keep on reaching for it,” I said. “I’ll kill you both with that stupid look on your faces.”

    It put a stupid smile on my face.

    I can’t wait to catch up on this.

    • Fargoth
      September 27, 2013

      Glad to see your comments again! I was wondering if you were still reading. Narova has been very busy.

      What have you been writing recently? Can you send me links – I’d love to read it!

      • Elspeth Aurilie
        September 27, 2013

        Well, I’m still writing my Skyrim story but I hadn’t posted anything for months because I kept writing ahead and getting stuck on the stuff that came next.

        As for other stuff, I have a few ideas and am starting to do some world building for an original fantasy story. I don’t know what I plan to do with it. I may just write some short stories or maybe a novella, and, because this is all very new to me, document the creative process. When I get that blog up and going, I’ll send you the link.

      • Fargoth
        September 27, 2013

        Cool! I look forward to reading it!

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