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The Nerevarine Rises


Photo: Ryan Martinez

Two hundred years is a long time.

I have seen things you would not believe: A man who could kill with nothing more than the tip of his finger. Elf wizards who have lived for millennia, and could fly among the clouds like falcons and eagles. The molten, burning depths of the Red Mountain—and the dark secret sizzling inside of it.

The silver daggers of the Dark Brotherhood, coming for me in the night.

Mournhold, City of Light.

Solstheim, land of snow and ice and wolves.

Every single one of my enemies, dead at my feet.

I have looked into the hearts of this world’s deranged gods, and then I have killed them.

There is still talk of me in Tamriel. One does not do the things I have done—saved worlds and slain deities—only to slip into oblivion.

No, not that Oblivion. The hero of Kvatch can keep the deadric realm and his heroism to himself. I want no part of that legend. I am talking about nothingness. To be completely forgotten—consumed by the indifferent passage of time.

Since I couldn’t have death, oblivion became my last remaining desire. My final quest.

That is why I fled to Akavir. The lost continent in the east.

I have spent years and decades and centuries in this wild land. Stacked up human lifetimes like books upon a shelf. For a time, I reveled in the simplicity of it—hunting alongside the Tang Mo monkey-men. They cared nothing for my sins or my guilt, only for my ability to help them kill the Snow Demons.

And my abilities to reap death and destruction are considerable.

But they eventually learned of my past. That I had slain Almalexia—their savior and hero—in the bowels of Sotha Sil’s mechanical city.

I put an ocean and an era between myself and my dark deeds, and still I could not shake free from them. Not entirely.

So it goes. I have spent the last forty years on a solitary island at the edge of the world. A banished man among an inhuman race. Cursed with a mutated version of immortality that will not quit.

A cure for corprus. That must have been Divayth Fyr’s idea of a joke.

But my longevity came at a steeper price than these endless years of existence. I am bound, somehow, to the magical things of this world.

I felt each gate of Oblivion open in Cyrodiil—like an invisible finger tapping upon by flesh.

And I felt the dragons reawaken in Skyrim. Their brimstone breath wafted across this great ocean like the smell of an old lover I could barely remember, but still longed for.

But more powerful than that, I have felt the roiling in my stomach as the old wizards of Morrowind have reawakened. Divayth and Neloth and the great necromancer, Akavarin. They are moving against each other and pulling at my mind. Ruining my uneventful and endless exile.

I have decided it is time for me to return to Tamriel and see what they are doing.

Oblivion, it seems, will have to wait.

10 comments on “The Nerevarine Rises

  1. Elspeth Aurilie
    January 19, 2013

    I love how you are tying all the lore together. Excellent, excellent work.

    • Fargoth
      January 19, 2013

      Had to spend a good chunk of time on TES Wikipedia to make sure I got the lore right!

      • Elspeth Aurilie
        January 19, 2013

        Ah yes, I know how that is. I’m frequently on the elder scrolls wikipedia, as well as UESP and the Imperial Library.

  2. Ashay Baldbeard
    January 19, 2013

    It’s lore appropriate. Loving it 😀 The next one to get tied in is the Falkreath fight one? Or the assassin dude, with the Khajit friend?

    • Fargoth
      January 20, 2013

      Glad you’re enjoying! Not sure which one will tie in next…but it’s all getting pulled together, one bus ride at a time.

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  5. Nebruchadnezzer
    July 5, 2013

    quick question, what race do you imagine the Nerevarine as?

    • Fargoth
      July 5, 2013

      Good question, to be honest I’m not sure I’ve been entirely consistent in the stories. But I picture him as Imperial or Breton usually.

      Interesting that you ask – I’m planning to go into more detail with him soon.

      • Nebruchadnezzer
        July 8, 2013

        alright then, can’t wait to see the next story he’s involved in

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