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The Dragonborn, the Bard, and the Dunmer


WARNING: Contains sexually explicit content.

Eomen leaned back in his chair and let the mead settle down in his stomach. He was tired from dragonslaying, full of roasted venison, and very drunk.

Life was good at the Windpeak Inn.

There weren’t many other patrons at the inn. Just a drunk beggar who’d passed out hours ago and a quiet Dunmer woman who’d been keeping to herself off in the corner. Not saying much and nursing a horn of mead.

And, of course, the bard.

She was a tall Nord woman with fiery red hair and milky skin. A truly awful singer, Eomen thought, but what she lacked in pitch she made up for with her breasts.

Large, firm, perfect breasts.

Eomen had been eyeing her since he walked in earlier that night. And she’d been eyeing him right back—throwing him glances and smiles and sultry looks every chance she got.

The Dragonborn had every intention of bedding her that night. Right after he finished his mead.

She finished up her off-key rendition of Ragnor the Red and then sat down to fuss with the strings on her lute.

“Anything else for you, traveler?” the innkeeper, Thorin asked him. He was pudgy and bald and carried the look of eternal weariness that afflicted most innkeepers later in life. “I’ll be turning in soon.”

Eomen shook his head. “Not for me. I’ll just have this last bit o’ mead and then get myself to bed.”

Thorin nodded. “I’ll take my leave, then.” He cast a worried glance at the bard. “You coming, Karita?”

“One more song, father,” she said, her eyes on her strings. “I want to practice some.”

Thorin swallowed once, and glanced between Eomen and his daughter. “Aye. One song.” he said.” He left the inn shaking his head. A few gusts of snow drifted inside as he opened the door and disappeared into the cold darkness of Dawnstar.

Eomen watched him leave, and then finished off the last of his mead.

“Any requests?” Karita’s voice came from over his shoulder. He turned toward her.

She was standing a few feet away now, lute in one hand, the other one perched on her hip. A thing of beauty, Eomen thought. Pure beauty.

“What sort of songs do you know?” he asked.

“Oh, all kinds. Ones about heroes and villians. Good and evil. Tales of epic quests and dangerous hunts. I even know a few about the Dark Brotherhood, if you’re in to that. You name it, I know it.”

“Any love songs?” he asked.

She smiled with her full, red lips. “Aye, one or two.”

“What say we head over to my room, and you sing me one?”

“Lead the way.” Karita extended her arm towards his room. Eomen stood, a little dizzy from the ale, and walked to the small room he’d rented for 10 Septims. There was nothing in there but a small bed and a wooden chair. Thing didn’t even have a door.

Eomen flopped down in the chair. Karita filled the doorway in front of him. He was about to ask her to sing him something sweet, but she tossed the lute aside, took two steps forward, and sank to her knees—her hands working to untie the leather strings on his pants with practiced coordination.

“You don’t waste any time.”

“When the Dragonborn’s visiting for the night, I figure there’s no time to waste,” she said. Then she yanked down on his pants so his cock sprang out. Already half-hard.

Karita took it in her hand. Rubbed up and down slowly. Her hand was soft and warm and tender. Eomen felt his manhood thickening.

“My, my, my,” she whispered. “Looks like the stories about you are true.” She looked into his eyes and smiled at him. Licked her full lips once.

Then she put him in her mouth.

Eomen moaned with pleasure and felt himself getting even harder. Karita bobbed her head up and down, taking his entire length in her mouth and then rising to the tip, running her tongue along the base and massaging his balls with one hand.

The Dragonborn closed his eyes and leaned back. This is what it’s like to a hero, he thought.

When he opened his eyes, he noticed something outside in the common room. The Dunmer woman had moved to the table across from the doorway. She was watching them from her seat at the table.

And rubbing herself between the thighs.

Eomen smiled.

“Up for some more company?” he whispered.

Karita looked up, and then turned around, saw what the Dunmer was doing. She shrugged. “Why not?”

Eomen motioned the Dunmer over. She hesitated at first, but then got up, arranged her rumpled skirt, and crossed the room. Her red eyes burned beneath her hood.

“If you want to come in, you have to take off your clothes,” Karita said playfully from her knees, giggling a little.

The Dunmer pulled back her hood, revealing a pretty face with high, stark cheek bones and a small mouth. Without hesitating this time, she undid the clasps on her cloak and her dress and pulled them both off at the same time. Her naked body was dark and lithe. Her breasts were smaller than Karita’s, but firm and pointed. Her nipples were black as obsidian. A small triangle of dark hair glistened between her legs.

Already wet.

“I’ve paid the toll,” she said, her voice low and husky. “What say you two even things up a bit?”

The Dragonborn and the bard undressed quickly while the Dunmer watched them with her burning red eyes. One hand drifted back between her legs and rubbed gently at her clit.

After Eomen had undressed he sank into the lumpy mattress of the bed and looked up at the two naked women. The Dunmer had walked over and put one dark arm around Karita’s waist and started rubbing her breast with the other. The Nord woman moaned softly with pleasured and kissed the elf’s neck.

Oh yes, life was very good for Eomen.

The Dunmer turned towards him. “Should we pick up where you left off?” she asked.

They both smiled and crawled onto the bed together. Their bodies shimmering in the candlelight. Karita rubbing one hand along his thigh and then engulfed his cock in her mouth again. The Dunmer watched for a few moments and then lowered her own head. Her pink tongue came out of her mouth as she slowly began licking his balls.

“Gods….” Eomen moaned. “That feels good.”

They worked him with their mouths together for a few more minutes, taking turned between his cock and his balls. Karita could fit more of it in her mouth, but the Dunmer did something with her tongue that made Eomen’s toes curl. Some elf trick.

Eventually they stopped.

“I want him first,” the Dunmer woman declared. Karita smiled and moved out of the way.

The Dunmer positioned her body over Eomen’s cock. She took the base with her hand and rubbed it between her legs. Eomen felt the warmth and the wetness dripping down the length of his cock. She looked at him with those burning red eyes, smiled, and then buried him inside of her.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, and then began swaying her hips left and right. Up and down. She ran her fingernails along his chest and bit the corner of her bottom lip. Eomen squeezed her thighs, enjoying the contrast of his pale skin against her dark body.

Karita had sat down in the chair and begun touching herself. After the Dunmer had been going at it for a while, she stood up and moved over to Eomen’s head. Without a word, she stretched one leg over him, and then lowered herself down onto his face. Pressed her sex into his mouth. He lapped at it greedily, sucking on her clit and pushing his tongue deep inside of her.

The two women rode him for a long time like that, kissing each other’s lips and breasts and bucking up and down. Eomen let their wet pleasure consume him.

After the Dunmer shuddered and trembled through her delicate climax, the two women traded places. The Dunmer was warmer than Karita—hot, even—and she tasted like brimstone and honey. It was strange and wonderful to Eomen.

Karita fucked him like a wild thing. Rocking up and down, yelling and panting and digging her nails so hard into Eomen’s skin that she drew blood. When she came she grabbed the Dunmer woman with both arms and squeezed down on her as pleasure consumed her.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “That’s just the song I was dreaming of.”

All three of them sank down into the bed, sweaty and hot and wrapped around each other.

The Dunmer kissed him gently, massaging his tongue with her own and moaning lightly.

“That better not be the end, Dragonslayer,” she whispered. “I’m not finished.”


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